Thursday, June 28, 2007

Interesting trends in IT Security

Dear Friends,

Welcome Back. Lots of update in work.

New industry buzzword - Security on Demand ....?

Will Security be available like Bandwidth on Demand today?

Seems interesting ..... answer is Yes !

Meanwhile I will take a break now and come back with more details on this topic ....

Best Regards,

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Monday I love the most !


Wishes Again! Tomorrow is Monday.
You know, I like monday the most due to the challenges it gives !
More work which I love always !
Seems workholic right ..... Yes Iam ..

Tomorrow, I need to co-ordinate with my HO in Mumbai for Passive Cabling Details(Gigabit LAN Migration in Datacenter).

Have to sit with Israel Engineer for RFT Installation out here. Very Interesting..

This time I wish to share with you all one thing !

That is my life mentors whom I adore !

1) My Brother - Baskar Natarajan - (Stupendous Thinker and Great Achiever)
2) Narayan Neelakantan - My last Birth's Brother Probably - (Extra Ordinary Intelligence and at the sametime Down-to-Earth)

There are so many other great souls who helped in my all walks of my life but these 2 persons finetuned me like anything. I really thank God having these two in my life.

Nevertheless I remember everyone now....Thanks to all

Meet you soon friend !

Best Regards,

In Chennai


Back in Chennai after almost 4 years. Started feeling the real charm of chennai air near mylapore kapaleshwar temple....

Staying in a small apartment with a blissful meals every time at Hotel Sangeetha.

Wow! What more a person need ?

No ! Yup ! Wait .... I am truly like this stereo typic Tamil Brahmin hails from Thanjavur District but wish to create a world class organization better than McKinsey, PWC, E & Y, CapGemini ...down the line 5 years from now.

Don't know whether I will succeed or not with in 5 years but Iam sure," Iam going to make it one day."

Working in semi-government organization currently, just got a transfer to chennai for upgrading the BCP-DR.

Folks .....Iam going to have a great time out here.

Do visit me regularly .... Iam sure I will give you something always interesting.

Best Regards,