Friday, August 31, 2007

In Naganallur .... Small Thanjavur !

Dear Friends,

Itz after a long time I visited Naganallur.
I thank prasanna from NSE to accompany me to all temples here. Visits to Bhakta Ajaneya (the one same like in Nerul in Mumbai), Hayavadhana Perumal & Varasiddhi Vinayak are really delighting. The lunch served by Prasanna's family is great with a mixture of love and affection.
Thanks for that prasanna.
Plannning for more today in learning areas....Letz see...

Waiting for the CD from my brother....Laptop is still in down state...

Best Regards,

My Laptop gone down.......I am getting locked!

Dear friends,

Last Friday, my Dell Laptop gone down saying NTLDR missing. Since I bought it in US and itz peculiar XP Media Center Edition which is not launched in India, I am totally inaccessible from Home. Moreover, a week long training keeps me busy and I just finished the same.

I requested my brother to log a call at Dell and send me the same. Hez doing it... Pl bear with me for sometime.

This week I mainly spent on understanding Software Development Cycle called SDM(Solution Delivery Methodology)which is this giant's propriety way of handling IT Application Development and Support.

There are many good things I learnt this week in-terms of SDC(Software Development Cycle)which will be useful for me in my IT Security & Controls Path.

Today is the most memorable day in my life as I am going to get locked ....!

Guessed right? Hmmmm.....itz a great feeling....!

See you soon friends,

Best Regards,

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Personal Information Update

Lots and Lots of action are going on in my personal life......
Will come out with great news soon......

My Brother/Mentor Baskar Natarajan took responsibility in Minneapolis day before yesterday.He joined ArcherGrey as Matrixone PLM Consultant. He is currently handling a for Possis medical Systems under ArcherGrey. I really don't know much in detail as he never reveals any info to me as his works are highly confidential. Anyway my best wishes to him.......He went along with his wife and kid for long term. I miss him a lot....


Manage Engine - SIEM Tool from AdventNet Inc

I received a mail yesterday from AdventNet Inc, asking for viewing their ManageEngine SIEM Tools. I am going to study that product in detail soon. I have a good glance and I'm quite interested in studying about the product. Letz see.....


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Infrastructure Specialist - Path for Progress

This role is in great demand currently in the IT industry.


Increase in the Mergers & Acquisitions Rate(Magical word in the world of business making a zero or Average to HERO in very less time and vice-versa)

The world of IT business is all about 3 Cs

1)Conceptualization of viable business model by integrating different applications in single platform.
2)Converging multiple facets of business in a common platform.(Operation)
3)Collaboration with strong small identities to make the strong one, stronger.

IS Specialist (This is how they normally refer in the industry) is the one who know the Infrastructure part completely in various fields ranging from Networks, Network Security, Telecommunications, Sysadmin, Server/Desktop Hardware Support and Backup Operations with an experience of around 8-10 years.

All top consulting firms requires a large pool of these experts. Those who are in Infrastructure Services can cash-in the opportunity provided their skill-sets are matching.

This is more closely associated with Business Development and also acts as an entry card in Top Management Lobby.

In my next article, I am planning to take some case studies in my prespective like

i)How Oracle effectively integrated Metasol in to their business model
ii)How Netsol & ISS converged in to IBM like those…..

These will be quite interesting in the business dynamics perspective.Further this will make you to understand the process mapping with business model co-efficients and way forward thinking for enhanced customer satisfaction matrices and net profit.


SIEM - A Closer Look

As committed, here is my article on SIEM (Security Information and Event Management).

SIEM is a software/firmware based solution for managing the finite set of multiple vendor network and network security devices with a common platform to analyze/store data in real-time/historical.

Based on the necessities and product availabilities, we can sort the SIEM in to following cases.

1)Collect and analyze all log data and basic event management.
2)Collect and analyze all log data with full-function event management.
3)Simple deployment and support.
4)Full-featured SIEM products designed to deliver a broad set of capabilities, including security operations center console functions for large, complex environments.
5)SIEM integrated with network behavior analysis.
6)User and access oriented-analysis.
7)SIEM products that are integrated with an incumbent vendor’s vulnerability management and systems management products.

I have listed few main vendors of SIEM Solutions.
5)Cisco Systems
9)Q1 Labs

Letz talk about businez…..
SIEM Market is undergoing a rapid transformation due to following four reasons;
1)The emergence of user and access monitoring as the primary customer problem to be solved.
2)Demand for the technology from a broader set of customers.
3)The availability of the technology from large vendors that also sell related products or services.
4)Regulatory implication for compliance and logs analysis.

Based on the above four demands, the SIEM vendors launch their software/firmware solutions which will fall-on any of the seven cases listed at the top.

Who are the market leaders and why ….?

1)Arc sight – Function-rich Enterprise Security Management paves way for large-scale deployments.
2)EMC (RSA) – Unique combination of SIM, SEM & log management function that is easy to deploy.
3)Symantec – For large-scale real-time management and compliance reporting with various data sources.
4)Log logic – Provides greater deal in Log Management solution with data-analysis and real-time alerting.

Dear Friends,
This article is just an introduction and basics. If you have any specific queries, pl feel free to send an email @


Friday, August 10, 2007

Great Change in Life !

Dear friends,

Itz really a great change in my life.

What sort of controls these guys are having ?

Itz stupendeous. No other words.

hey, the cat is out of the bag. I will be in CIRT Team functioning as a Network forensic Analyst reporting to CIRT Manager in US.

Coolest Training with US Team in Detriot on Sep End and November in Singapore by SANS Forensic Center.

Great Learning plus value being first member of CIRT Team - Asia pacific...

CIRT Team holds a lot of Value here.

People look at me different if you say CIRT Team.

Mother's Grace....

hey ,

Yesterday night I took Reliance Netconnect for my Laptop. It will be activated from Monday and I opted for Post Paid.

So I will keep filling posts..... Stay tuned...


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My Last Day in Exchange !

Dear Friends,

First of all, I apologize for not coming out with my article in SIEM as committed. Its really hectic work schedule since last month with week ends tripping to Bangalore since my brother is leaving to US on longer term.

Sure with in a week, I will come with 2 articles as i thought already.

1> SIEM Basic analysis.
2> Skill-sets required for an Infrastructure Specialist.

In my second article, I wish to visualize what are the skill sets required to be an a Infrastructure Specialist for large companies like Gartner, NetApp, Matrix one, Dell, IBM etc; I personally feel the demand for quality ideas is going to be the key for these role which is what IT Senior Management People ask for. In nutshell, Infrastructure Specialist will be a person who will understand both Software lifecycle and its dependencies and map with respect to best infrastructure technology feasible for achieving the objective. These specialists are much more in demand as IT companies are in more towards mergers & acquisitions. These specialists will synergize the both parties’ infrastructure towards common objectives accomplishment.

Coming Back, It's really the most useful period i have spent in this firm which had given me exposure for horning my technical skills.

For a meanwhile, itz good bye from me.

Keep visiting me often and I will sincerely strive my best to make use of your time worthwhile.


Best Regards,